Leaders role in DevOps

DevOps doesn’t restrict to just Development and Operations team, rather it extends to Leadership team, Stake-holder, Product Owner, Business Analyst and so on.

You as Leader, you play bigger role in DevOps

  • Change Organizational structure to eliminate Silos. The reason being we have observed that Organization Structure has a direct impact in the way we deliver like Conway’s Law states, You need to move from Functionally-oriented Organization to Market-oriented Organization like Amazon or Netflix.
  • Create a Safe culture and enable Continual learning, enable team members to attend Conferences, Pluralsight, Safari Books, community knowledge sharing, and internal knowledge sharing.
  • Empower team member to experiment, fail fast and learn from failure and success.
  • Bring-in DevOps tools chain and technology to the organization.
  • Streamline procedures.
  • If IT fails then Business fails, so it better to involve IT for any business delivery from beginning.

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