Organization Challenges with respect to People

Organizations are facing a lot of challenges to deliver Business Value, respond to change, to provide reliable, stable and secure service to the customer, and to cut down IT cost.

Following are the common challenges/issues/concerns we have been facing, DevOps will help us to overcome these challenges.

Challenges with respect to People

  • Has many silo teams like Product Owner, Business Analyst, UI, Development, Database Development, Quality Assurance, Database Administrator, Operation, IT infrastructure, Network Engineer team and so on.
  • Weaker collaboration, communication, interactions among teams.
  • Team members are not cross-functional.
  • No knowledge sharing among teams.
  • Limited visibility of work.
  • Too much of time getting waste in Unplanned work.
  • Team members are scared to deploy independently to Production.
  • Too many work items are in In-Progress state (WIP).
  • Poor Hand-offs between teams.
  • Quality is not built from day 1
  • Team members don’t Trust each other.
  • Team members are working as Independent rather than working as a Team.
  • Manual Deployment process.
  • Team members are doing heroic jobs, staying overnight or deploying weekends.
  • Unable to be self-organizing.
  • Team members are Reactive rather than Proactive.
  • Scrum team doesn’t always have Goal for each Sprint, rather they work on some PBIs/Bugs. Also, Organizations Goal is not visible to the team.
  •  Dev and Ops don’t work closely.
  • Team members don’t have time to work on Technical Debts as too many business values needs to deliver.

Apart from above, we are still facing lot more challenges/issues/concerns.

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In my next articles, I will write how DevOps will help us to overcome these challenges/issues/concerns.


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