Organization Challenges with respect to Process

Organizations are facing a lot of challenges to deliver Business Value, respond to change, to provide reliable, stable and secure service to the customer, and to cut down IT cost.

Following are the common challenges/issues/concerns we have been facing, DevOps will help us to overcome these challenges.

Challenges with respect to Process

  • Water-Scrum-Fall methodology being followed rather than Agile Scrum.
  • Lead time is higher than process time.
  • Too many hand-offs as multiple silo teams responsible for releasing a Feature/Bug.
  • Definition of Done doesn’t include Deploying to Production.
  • Large Batch release.
  • A lot of Rework, Bugs, and Incomplete requirement.
  • Integration happens late stage of Development.
  • Unit test, Automated Acceptance test, and Integration test are not being practiced.
  • Increased complexity.
  • Late release/Failed release, It takes weeks, months or sometimes quarter to deliver the feature.
  • Releasing over weekends or night instead of working hours.
  • Deployment takes days or weeks.

Apart from above, we are still facing lot more challenges/issues/concerns.

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In my next articles, I will write how DevOps will help us to overcome these challenges/issues/concerns.


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