Organization Challenges with respect to Technology

Organizations are facing a lot of challenges to deliver Business Value, respond to change, to provide reliable, stable and secure service to the customer, and to cut down IT cost.

Following are the common challenges/issues/concerns we have been facing, DevOps will help us to overcome these challenges.

Challenges with respect to Technology

  • Applications and Infrastructures are Fragile.
  • Environments are not Production-like and inconsistent configuration in each environment.
  • Not treating Infrastructure as code.
  • No automation in place and deployment happens manually.
  • Everything is not in Source Control.
  • No code check into mainline rather Feature branches being created, Branching and Merging is a costly process.
  • Not everything in the cloud.
  • Application Architecture is not Microservice.
  • Too many Technical Debts, no time to work on Technical Debts.
  • No Test Driven Development
  • No Automated Test-Driven Development.
  • Deployment Pipeline has not been configured.
  • Code Review happens manually.
  • Code Coverage and Code Analysis is not mandatory to Check-in code.
  • Application/Server monitoring is not in place or is not being looked up regularly, its reactive than proactive.
  • No proper communication tools like Slack.

Apart from above, we are still facing lot more challenges/issues/concerns.

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In my next articles, I will write how DevOps will help us to overcome these challenges/issues/concerns.


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