Value Stream Mapping to see the Work

We want to bring Changes to Organization like Optimization, Process Improvements, Improve IT Performance, Enhance quality, to be on Time to Market, to Innovate. And we FAIL while we trying to implement these new changes because we do not have a 360-degree view of what, how we working. Understanding our workflow from business to the customer is very crucial in order to bring changes.

Let us see how we can visualize the flow of work from business to the customer with Value Stream Mapping.

Value stream mapping is a lean-management method for analyzing the current state and designing a future state for the series of events that take a product or service from its beginning through to the customer.


Value Stream mapping enables us to

  • Pictorial understanding of how workflows from Business to Customer.
  • All the steps are taken to deliver.
  • Who all involved in delivery.
  • Identify Bottlenecks and Rework.
  • Find Waste in the process.
  • Continuously improve the process.

Value Stream Mapping should be created by all the team involved in Delivering Value. Product Owners, Business Analyst, Scrum team, Operations team and so on. This exercise is an eye-opener for the team to see how they are performing.

Below is the sample Value Stream Mapping for sample feature delivery.

IT Value Stream Mapping

Observation from above Value Stream Mapping

  • It takes 10 days to Develop but waits 131 days to Deliver.
  • Lead time is higher than Process time.
  • Work waits for long when moving from one department to other.

This way we will get to see how we operating, and this will help us to identify bottlenecks and resolve them.

Next step is you need to understand in details why it’s waiting for 121 days then eliminate bottlenecks.

In my next blog, I will write on how to reduce Lead Time.

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