Top 10 DevOps Values

DevOps is a cultural and professional movement.                                                                         Adam Jacob (Founder of Chef) DevOps Goal is to build a Culture which Increases the flow of work, enable fast feedback and fast forward loops, and Continuous Improvements - Gene Kim Below are the top 10 DevOps Values. Culture – DevOps is a Cultural paradigm shift, it’s … Continue reading Top 10 DevOps Values

DevOps with LEGO

There are many ways to learn and practice DevOps. What I tried doing is to learn DevOps with LEGO! I have conducted this session @ Microsoft Bangalore through Containers Developers Meetup. In this LEGO game, we had multiple teams participated, each team takes one business requirement to deliver. We have used LEGO Deep Sea Exploration Vessel … Continue reading DevOps with LEGO