Workshop: Build Continuous Delivery/Deployment with Microsoft VSTS and Azure

The ability to get changes of all types – including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes and experiments into production, or into the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way.  Jez Humble

Continuous Delivery – Software is always Deployable

Continuous Deployment – Deploy as the final stage of CI

In this workshop we will deploy sample project to Azure Platform as a service.

Follow below steps

  1. Build Continuous Integration with Microsoft VSTS for sample project
  2. If you have Azure access then login to Azure otherwise lets Signup Azure cloud
  3. Login to Azure with the outlook account we have created from the above link and add subscription with credit card details.Screenshot_52Screenshot_53
  4. Create Web App in Azure PortalScreenshot_54.png
  5. Fill in below details to create web app. Enter unique App name, select available Subscription, select Windows as OS, select basic App Service plan/Location, enable Application Insights for Monitoring. click on create buttonPicture3
  6. Add Azure service endpoint in VSTSScreenshot_55Screenshot_56
  7. Navigate to Build definitions and select Release option from previously created CI buildScreenshot_25.png
  8. Search for Azure task and add it to release taskScreenshot_57.png
  9. Click on 1 phase, 1 taskScreenshot_58
  10. Select Azure subscription and App service name web app name which we have created in Azure portalScreenshot_59
  11. Make sure right CI build artifact is selected for this releaseScreenshot_61
  12. Click on Pipeline tab, enable Continuous Deployment trigger and select master branch. Every code checked-in to master will be deployed to this server. Click on Create Release actionScreenshot_60.png
  13. Click Queue to run Continuous DeploymentScreenshot_62
  14. Click on Release number to see as it deploysScreenshot_63
  15. Click on Logs to see whats happening in deployment. Screenshot_65
  16. Deployment succeeded, open azure web app from portal. Sample application is deployed to azureScreenshot_66
  17. Click Web App URLScreenshot_67

Reference/Further experimentation








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