Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) App Service – Web apps for Node.js

Lets take an example you want to drive car from source to destination. you have multiple options to choose

  1. Buy your own car – Infrastructure as a Code (Iaas)
  2. Rent a car – Platform as a Service(PaaS)
  3. Take a taxi – Software as a Service (SaaS)


Azure App Service is an Platform as a Service Model


In this exercise we will customise our Node.js app


  1. Build CI/CD pipeline and Deploy Node.js app to Azure in 5 min with Azure DevOps Project
  2. Configure CI/CD for Node.js app in Microsoft VSTS

From the above 2 exercise we have enable Continuous Deployment and successfully deployed our first Node.js app to Azure PaaS.

Now lets customise our App. Azure Web App service provides loads of services.


Lets look at some of the features

  • Deployment
    • Deployment Slots
    • Deployment options
    • Continuous Delivery
  • Settings
    • Application Settings
    • Authentication / Authorization
    • Backups
    • SSL certificates
    • Scale Up
    • Scale out
    • Web jobs
    • Automation Script
  • Development Tools
    • Console
    • Kudu Service
    • App service editor
    • Performance test
    • Extensions
  • Monitoring
    • Application insight
    • Diagnostics logs
    • Log Stream


Reference/ further reading



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