Configure CI/CD for Node.js app in Microsoft VSTS

Prerequisites for this Demo

Azure subscription

Build CI/CD pipeline and Deploy Node.js app to Azure in 5 min with Azure DevOps Project

This exercise is an continuation of above exercise.

From the above link we have created DevOps Project resource in Azure, which deployed sample Node.js app to Azure Web app and automatically created Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipeline in VSTS.

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Lets look into our build and release pipeline in VSTS. you can open your DevOps project through Azure Portal search or through Resource Group. Click on NodeSampleProject Screenshot_22

Click on Code link to go to VSTS accountScreenshot_24

You will redirected to your VSTS account. Sample Node.js code has been uploaded to VSTS Git repository, from here you can clone or fork to your favourite editor.Screenshot_25.png

Click on Build and Release tab to look into Build & Release Pipeline. Here you can see out last build was success, which was initiated by Azure DevOps Project resource. Now click on Build Definition i.e NodeSampleProject – CIScreenshot_26

Here we can see the summary of last build, now lets dig deeper into what happens in this Build pipeline for which please click on Edit link at the top corner


This view shows our Build Definition and all the steps happens in CI pipeline. Click on “+” link to add new tasks.



Lets look into our Release Pipeline, Green box shows the status of the recent release. Click Releases tab and select Edit option to see the Release tasksScreenshot_30.png

In this view we can configure Deployment to Cloud/On-prem Servers. You can click on Add to configure QA, Stg, Prd environments through which you can deploy to Azure, AWS or even other cloud providers. Select 1 phase, 1 task to see the Deployment tasks.


Here we can see the tasks under Release Pipeline, default Azure DevOps project added Azure Deploy Azure App Service task click on this task to see more details like Azure connection, Web App name and more


We have verified all the relevant task have been added for Build and Release Pipeline, you can modify these tasks based on your need. for this demo lets leave it as it is.

Lets make changes to our Node.js code and commit changes and see do we see our new changes deployed to Azure cloud. for this click on Code tab and click on Edit option. you can even edit in IDE. for this demo lets edit in VSTSScreenshot_33.png

Now edit the Content “Success” to “My first Azure DevOps Project” and click on Commit. Since we have enabled Continuous Deployment this change will be deployed to Cloud Server. To see the activity click on Build and Release tab.

Wait for few minutes your changes will be deployed to Server. Open the Web link of the Node.js app which was created by Azure DevOps Project.



We have enable Continuous Deployment and successfully deployed our first Node.js app to Azure PaaS.

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