Configure Git Version Control in VSTS and create & push Python DJango project through Visual Studio

In this workshop we shall create VSTS project and git repository.


Visual Studio 2017 –

Git –

Lets follow below steps to achieve this

Login to

  1. If you have either Outlook, Live or Hotmail account account then Sign In
  2. If you don’t have any of Microsoft account then create one. This newly created account will be used for next steps
  3. After you login, click on Create new accountScreenshot_4
  4. Give a name to your VSTS account. Select Git as source control and click on Continue.  If any changes needed you can click on Change details linkScreenshot_5
  5. This creates first project. you have multiple options to choose the code
    • Clone this code to your computer
    • Push an existing repository
    • Import a repository
    • Build code from external repository
    • For this workshop will will import  sample code from Git. Click on Import a repository option and click Import button
  6. Lets create new repository to host our code Screenshot_18
  7. Give name for the repository and select Type as GitScreenshot_20
  8. This will create empty Git repository. We can open this in Visual StudioScreenshot_21
  9. Clone in Visual Studio will open Visual Studio where we will clone the repo locally. or you can open Visual Studio, login with same credentials so that we can clone this repo. Visual Studio gives you option to add project. Otherwise you can still can new project to this cloned solutionScreenshot_27Screenshot_26.png
  10. Once Python DJango project is added to solution, we can now commit these changes to Git.Screenshot_28Screenshot_29
  11. Changes have been committed locally, we need to Push it to Server.Screenshot_30
  12. Now if you refresh VSTS, you will these changes have be pushed to server.Screenshot_31.png


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