Azure Blockchain Workbench – Deploy Asset Transfer application

This is an series of post to build Blockchain solutions with Azure Blockchain Workbench. Before reading this post, please go through Overview of Azure Blockchain Workbench .

Step by step guide Build and Deploy Blockchain solution with Ethereum

In this post we will work on Step 4: Deploy Asset Transfer application

Steps to deploy Asset Transfer application

  1. Open previously deployed Blockchain Workbench
  2. Upload Configuration file and Smart Contract
  3. Add members
  4. Start using the application

1.Open previously deployed Blockchain Workbench

In step 2 we have provisioned Blockchain Workbench, lets open that link.


In Blockchain Workbench, lets create new application for our Asset Transfer sample application.xaq.png

2. Upload Configuration file and Smart Contract 

Upload AssetTransfer.json file created from step 3


Upload AssetTransfer.sol file created from step 3


Click on Deploy


3. Add members


Add member for each Role Appraiser, Buyer, Inspector, Owner


4. Start using the application

Open the Deployed appdfsda

Create new asset and assign priceafe.png

Take action on the created Request





We have successfully created and deployed Asset transfer DApp in Blockchain Workbench.

Azure Blockchain Workbench API

When you want to intgrate your application with Blockchain, use Workbench API. Open the API app created from Step 2

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This completes all the 4 steps

Similarly you can create more sample application. check out Azure Blockchain Github



Reference/Further reading

Azure Blockchain Github

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