Configure Sonarqube with VSTS for Continuous Code Quality

Sonarqube is used to Continuously inspect code for quality. This is an Open source, supports multiple languages like Java, Javascript, C#, C/C++, COBOL, Python, PL/SQL and more. Sonarqube has following features Overall health of your project Quality gate Identify code vulnerability Code Smells Bugs Code Duplication Code Coverage Security Maintainability Analyse pull requests We can... Continue Reading →


Workshop: Build DevOps Continuous Integration with Microsoft VSTS & Azure for project

Continuous Integration: Integrate early and often - Jez Humble We will be using Microsoft VSTS to configure CI(Continuous Integration) pipeline. lets follow below steps to achieve CI Login to If you have either Outlook, Live or Hotmail account account then Sign In If you don't have any of Microsoft account then create one. This newly created... Continue Reading →

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