Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) App Service – Web apps for Node.js

Lets take an example you want to drive car from source to destination. you have multiple options to choose Buy your own car - Infrastructure as a Code (Iaas) Rent a car - Platform as a Service(PaaS) Take a taxi - Software as a Service (SaaS) Azure App Service is an Platform as a Service... Continue Reading →


Configure CI/CD for Node.js app in Microsoft VSTS

Prerequisites for this Demo Azure subscription Build CI/CD pipeline and Deploy Node.js app to Azure in 5 min with Azure DevOps Project This exercise is an continuation of above exercise. From the above link we have created DevOps Project resource in Azure, which deployed sample Node.js app to Azure Web app and automatically created Continuous... Continue Reading →

Workshop: Build Continuous Delivery/Deployment with Microsoft VSTS and Azure

The ability to get changes of all types - including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes and experiments into production, or into the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way.  Jez Humble Continuous Delivery - Software is always Deployable Continuous Deployment - Deploy as the final stage of CI In this workshop we will deploy sample project... Continue Reading →

Workshop: Build DevOps Continuous Integration with Microsoft VSTS & Azure for project

Continuous Integration: Integrate early and often - Jez Humble We will be using Microsoft VSTS to configure CI(Continuous Integration) pipeline. lets follow below steps to achieve CI Login to If you have either Outlook, Live or Hotmail account account then Sign In If you don't have any of Microsoft account then create one. This newly created... Continue Reading →

DevOps maturity assessment Part 2 – Continuous Delivery, Logging & monitoring, Infrastructure as Code/Disaster Recovery, Micro service/Serverless

DevOps maturity assessment Part 2 - Continuous Delivery, Logging & monitoring, Infrastructure as Code/Disaster Recovery We need to understand our organization current state to reach where we want to be. Following DevOps Assessment will identify the current state of team’s DevOps maturity. Read through DevOps maturity assessment Part 1 Continuous Delivery  Zero-downtime release practices are... Continue Reading →

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